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I want to start a conversation....

I want to start a conversaion, but there is no one here to talk to.

Blame it on the pandemic. Blame it on moving 2,000 miles from home, blame it on a lot of things I simply didn’t see coming. Regardless here I am talking to myself again. I'm think of myself as lucky. Lucky enough to be creative. Lucky enough to be able to entertain myself. Lucky enough to enjoy my own company. I think I'm funny. That’s a lucky break in and of itself. I do however miss the company of friends. The exchange of ideas, thoughts, and perspectives that different from my own. Bottom line is I miss feeling connected. So here I am talking to myself again, this time out loud or at least here in the blog I’ve been meaning to get back to for far too long.

Hello and Welcome

As an artist and creative soul, I find comfort and better understanding when I'm able to engage in conversations. Hearing myself talk helps me to process all the information we are bombarded with daily. Talking to myself and creating works of art are ways I process during times of isolation. My artwork becomes a conversation with myself.

My intentions with this new blog version are to share with you not only my artwork, but the conversation I have with myself along the way. To share my process or as an old roommate once coined, my own brand of "Porter Logic". I invite you to jump into the conversation, ask a question, leave a comment, or simply start a conversation of your own. I'm interested in what you see, what resonates with you, what makes you tick. In a nutshell I'm looking for connection in a world where that no longer comes easy.

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