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A Promise to myself

I had promised myself when I started this blog that I would be authentic to myself.

  • Take Ownership

  • Take Chances

  • Have Fun

Between the first post and now I've done a lot of research as to "how to create the perfect blog post". I understand there is a proven formula and standard for defining "perfect". I understand, and yet my need to be authentic outweighs the power of the algorithms. That and I have long ago given up my need to be perfect. So instead of following the "rules" I'm gonna make it up as I go, allowing myself to stay free and enjoy the process as we go.

I've chosen to start with this journal page. The beginning of a new journal as well as a new year. My spirit animal is a spider monkey, given to me by my Shaman at my last soul retrieval. Although this is not my image it is how I see us in my mind's eye. The spider monkey is known for its keen ability to detect deceit it is also a symbol of playfulness and joy.

Waiting on a Blessing for the New Year

I like rituals and thrive on consistency. Over the years my New Years' Eve Ritual has evolved to include among the candles, chrystals, incense, tarot cards, and intention-setting journal pages.

I've also learned that it's difficult to set intentions when you don't know what you what. Getting clear on what I want has helped me to focus my energy and resources. It helps me to set and reach for goals I would have never considered when I allowed my life to flow with the needs and desires of others.

I want the farmhouse to come alive in whatever shape it will take first for me so I have a home for my family.

I want water

I want more kisses. Deep. Long. For no reason and all the reasons

I want a family of my own

I want money in the savings account to stay there and grow

I want a place to call home that no one can take away from me

I want to feel beautiful in the photos again

I want friends to laugh with

I want to use my voice in the times when I can't find it, use it, allow it

I want a group of supportive women friends

I want coffee with cream in bed

I want a soul-felt connection

I want my hair to feel beautiful again

I want great sex

I want respect

I want my body to feel strong and tall and capable

i want love

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